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File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Benzene.hpp [code]
BenzeneBitset.hpp [code]STL std::bitset extended with is_subset_of() and is_less_than()
BenzeneException.cpp [code]
BenzeneException.hpp [code]
BenzeneHtpEngine.cpp [code]
BenzeneHtpEngine.hpp [code]
BenzenePlayer.cpp [code]
BenzenePlayer.hpp [code]
BenzeneSolver.hpp [code]
BenzeneTestEngine.cpp [code]
BenzeneTestEngine.hpp [code]
BenzeneTestMain.cpp [code]
Bitset.cpp [code]
Bitset.hpp [code]
BitsetIterator.hpp [code]
BitsetIteratorTest.cpp [code]
BitsetTest.cpp [code]
BoardIterator.hpp [code]
BoardIteratorTest.cpp [code]
BoardUtils.cpp [code]
BoardUtils.hpp [code]
BoardUtilsTest.cpp [code]
Book.cpp [code]
Book.hpp [code]
BookBuilder.hpp [code]
BookBuilderCommands.hpp [code]
BookCheck.cpp [code]
BookCheck.hpp [code]
BookCommands.cpp [code]
BookCommands.hpp [code]
CacheBook.cpp [code]
CacheBook.hpp [code]
ChangeLog.hpp [code]
ChangeLogTest.cpp [code]
ConstBoard.cpp [code]
ConstBoard.hpp [code]
ConstBoardTest.cpp [code]
DfpnCommands.cpp [code]
DfpnCommands.hpp [code]
DfpnSolver.cpp [code]
DfpnSolver.hpp [code]
DfsCommands.cpp [code]
DfsCommands.hpp [code]
DfsData.cpp [code]
DfsData.hpp [code]
DfsSolver.cpp [code]
DfsSolver.hpp [code]
Digraph.hpp [code]
DigraphTest.cpp [code]
EndgameUtils.cpp [code]
EndgameUtils.hpp [code]
EndgameUtilsTest.cpp [code]
Game.cpp [code]
Game.hpp [code]
GraphUtils.cpp [code]
GraphUtils.hpp [code]
GraphUtilsTest.cpp [code]
Groups.cpp [code]
Groups.hpp [code]
GroupsTest.cpp [code]
HandCodedPattern.cpp [code]
HandCodedPattern.hpp [code]
HandicapPlayer.cpp [code]
HandicapPlayer.hpp [code]
Hash.hpp [code]
HashDB.hpp [code]
HashedPatternSet.cpp [code]
HashedPatternSet.hpp [code]
HashMap.hpp [code]Contains a thread-safe lock-free constant-size hash map
HashMapTest.cpp [code]
HashSet.hpp [code]
HashSetTest.cpp [code]
HashTest.cpp [code]
Hex.hpp [code]
HexAbSearch.cpp [code]
HexAbSearch.hpp [code]
HexAssert.hpp [code]
HexBoard.cpp [code]
HexBoard.hpp [code]
HexBoardTest.cpp [code]
HexColor.hpp [code]
HexColorTest.cpp [code]
HexEnvironment.cpp [code]
HexEnvironment.hpp [code]
HexEval.cpp [code]
HexEval.hpp [code]
HexHtpEngine.cpp [code]
HexHtpEngine.hpp [code]
HexModState.hpp [code]
HexPlayer.hpp [code]
HexPoint.cpp [code]
HexPoint.hpp [code]
HexPoints11x11.hpp [code]
HexPoints13x13.hpp [code]
HexPoints14x14.hpp [code]
HexPoints19x19.hpp [code]
HexPointTest.cpp [code]
HexProgram.cpp [code]
HexProgram.hpp [code]
HexProp.cpp [code]
HexProp.hpp [code]
HexSgUtil.cpp [code]
HexSgUtil.hpp [code]
HexState.hpp [code]
HexStateAssertRestored.hpp [code]
HexUctKnowledge.cpp [code]
HexUctKnowledge.hpp [code]
HexUctPolicy.cpp [code]
HexUctPolicy.hpp [code]
HexUctSearch.cpp [code]
HexUctSearch.hpp [code]
HexUctState.cpp [code]
HexUctState.hpp [code]
HexUctUtil.cpp [code]
HexUctUtil.hpp [code]
ICEngine.cpp [code]
ICEngine.hpp [code]
ICEngineTest.cpp [code]
IcePatternSet.cpp [code]
IcePatternSet.hpp [code]
InferiorCells.cpp [code]
InferiorCells.hpp [code]
InferiorCellsTest.cpp [code]
LinkedList.hpp [code]Lock-free sorted linked list
LinkedListTest.cpp [code]
Logger.cpp [code]
Logger.hpp [code]
LoggerTest.cpp [code]
lssolve.cpp [code]
mainpage.cpp [code]
mat.hpp [code]
Misc.cpp [code]
Misc.hpp [code]
MoHexEngine.cpp [code]
MoHexEngine.hpp [code]
MoHexMain.cpp [code]
MoHexPlayer.cpp [code]
MoHexPlayer.hpp [code]
Move.hpp [code]
Pattern.cpp [code]
Pattern.hpp [code]
PatternState.cpp [code]
PatternState.hpp [code]
PatternStateTest.cpp [code]
PerfectPlayer.cpp [code]
PerfectPlayer.hpp [code]
PlayAndSolve.cpp [code]
PlayAndSolve.hpp [code]
ProofUtil.cpp [code]
ProofUtil.hpp [code]
Resistance.cpp [code]Resistance/energy calculation based very closely on Six's circuit implementation
Resistance.hpp [code]
RingGodel.cpp [code]
RingGodel.hpp [code]
RingGodelTest.cpp [code]
SafeBool.hpp [code]
SearchedState.hpp [code]
SequenceHash.cpp [code]
SequenceHash.hpp [code]
SequenceHashTest.cpp [code]
SolverDB.hpp [code]
SortedSequence.hpp [code]
SortedSequenceTest.cpp [code]
StateDB.hpp [code]
StateDBTest.cpp [code]
StoneBoard.cpp [code]
StoneBoard.hpp [code]
StoneBoardTest.cpp [code]
SwapCheck.cpp [code]
SwapCheck.hpp [code]
TestMain.cpp [code]
Time.cpp [code]
Time.hpp [code]
TimeTest.cpp [code]
TransTable.hpp [code]
TwoDistance.cpp [code]
TwoDistance.hpp [code]
Types.hpp [code]
UnionFind.hpp [code]
UnionFindTest.cpp [code]
VC.cpp [code]
VC.hpp [code]
VCBuilder.cpp [code]
VCBuilder.hpp [code]
VCCommands.cpp [code]
VCCommands.hpp [code]
VCList.cpp [code]
VCList.hpp [code]
VCListTest.cpp [code]
VCMiai.hpp [code]
VCPattern.cpp [code]
VCPattern.hpp [code]
VCSet.cpp [code]
VCSet.hpp [code]
VCSetTest.cpp [code]
VCTest.cpp [code]
VCUtils.cpp [code]
VCUtils.hpp [code]
VCUtilsTest.cpp [code]
vec.hpp [code]
VulPreCheck.cpp [code]
VulPreCheck.hpp [code]
WolveEngine.cpp [code]
WolveEngine.hpp [code]
WolveMain.cpp [code]
WolvePlayer.cpp [code]
WolvePlayer.hpp [code]
ZobristHash.cpp [code]
ZobristHash.hpp [code]
ZobristHashes.hpp [code]
ZobristHashTest.cpp [code]

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