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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_Base_bitset< _Nw >Base class, general case
_Base_bitset< 0 >Base class, specialization for no storage (zero-length bitset)
_Base_bitset< 1 >Base class, specialization for a single word
_Sanitize< _Extrabits >
_Sanitize< 0 >
AdjacencyGraphAdjacency between each pair of cells
HexUctState::AssertionHandlerAssertion handler to dump the state of a HexUctState
benzene_bitset< _Nb >The bitset class represents a fixed-size sequence of bits
BenzeneExceptionBase class for exceptions
BenzeneHtpEngineHTP engine with commands for stuff common to all UofA Hex players
BenzenePlayerAbstract base class for all players using the Benzene systems
BenzeneTestEngineHtp engine for Wolve
BitsetIteratorIterates over the set bits in a bitset
BoardIteratorIterates on an array of HexPoints
BookA book is just a database of BookNodes
BookBuilder< PLAYER >Expands a Book using the given player to evaluate game positions
BookBuilderCommands< PLAYER >Commands for building opening books
BookCheckReturns best move from book
BookCommandsCommands for inspecting opening books
BWIteratorIterator over BLACK and WHITE
CacheBookUses previously-generated opening moves that have been recorded to prevent re-computing them
ChangeLog< T >General purpose changelog; allows incremental changes made to a datastructure to be undone quickly
ColorIteratorIterator over BLACK and WHITE and EMPTY
ConductanceValuesConductance between different types of groups
ConstBoardConstBoard contains data and methods for dealing with the constant aspects of a Hex board
HashMap< T >::Data
DfpnBoundsBounds used in Dfpn search
DfpnChildrenChildren of a dfpn state
DfpnCommandsCommands for building/inspecting virtual connections
DfpnDataState in hashtable
DfpnDBDatabase of solved positions
DfpnHistoryHistory of moves played from root state to current state
DfpnListenerInterface for listeners of DfpnSolver
DfpnSolverHex solver using DFPN search
DfsBranchStatisticsStats for a branch of the search tree
DfsCommandsCommands for building/inspecting virtual connections
DfsDataA solved state
DfsDBDatabase for use in DfsSolver
DfsHistogramStats for the entire search tree broken down by level
DfsSolutionSetContains all relevant data for a solution to a state
DfsSolverDetermines the winner of a gamestate
Digraph< T >Generic directed graph
GameA Game of Hex
ZobristHash::GlobalDataData shared amoungst all instances of ZobristHash
DfsSolver::GlobalStatisticsGlobabl statistics for the current solver run
GroupA group on the board
GroupBuilderBuilds Groups from a StoneBoard
GroupIteratorIterates over an instance of Groups
GroupsCollection of groups
DfpnSolver::GuiFxHandles guifx output
HandCodedPatternSpecial patterns that are too big to check with a PatternBoard (to do so would mean increasing Pattern::MAX_EXTENSION, thus slowing down PatternBoard::update())
HandicapPlayerPlayer using Handicap to generate moves
HasBestMoveConcept< T >Contains a bestmove
HasFlagsConcept< T >Contains a flag
HashDB< T >Front end for a Berkely DB hash table
HashDBStateConcept< T >Concept of a state in a HashDB
HashedPatternSetHashes patterns by ring godel; use for fast checking
HashMap< T >Lock-free HashMap with 2^n slots
HashMapStateConcept< T >Concept of a state in a hash table
HashSetHashSet with 2^n slots
HasMirrorConcept< T >Object can be mirrored
HashDB< T >::Header
HexAbSearchBase Alpha-Beta search class
HexBoardBoard that updates groups, pattern states, and vcs
HexBookNodeClass for writing SgBookNodes to the database
HexEnvironmentGroups a HexBoard, ICEngine, and VCBuilderParam objects, which correspond to a set of parameters that can be changed
HexEnvironmentCommandsHTP Commands for an environment
HexHtpEngineBasic htp commands any Hex engine is required to support
HexModStateMake a const board temporarily modifiable
HexMoveValue(HexPoint, value) pairs; use for move ordering
HexPlayerAbstract base class for all players
HexProgramProgram for playing Hex
HexStateBoard position paired with a color to play
HexStateAssertRestoredAssert that the state has been restored to previous state
HexThreadStateFactoryCreates threads
HexUctKnowledgeApplies knowledge to set of moves
HexUctPolicyGenerates moves during the random playout phase of UCT search
HexUctPolicyConfigConfiguration options for policies
HexUctPolicyStatisticsStatistics over all threads
HexUctSearchMonte-Carlo search using UCT for Hex
HexUctSearchPolicyInterface for policies controlling move generation in the random play-out phase of HexUctSearch
HexUctSharedDataData shared among all threads
HexUctSharedPolicyPolicy information shared amoung all threads
HexUctStateThread state for HexUctSearch
HexUctStoneDataBlack and white stones
HexBoard::HistoryStores state of the board
ICEngineInferior Cell Engine
IcePatternSetCollection of Patterns and HashedPatterns for use in ICE
InferiorCellsSet of inferior cells
LinkedList< T >Lock-free linked list
ListIterator< T >Iterates over an instance of LinkedList
ListNode< T >A node occuring in an instance of LinkedList
LoggerLogger supporting message levels and multiple output streams received from multiple threads
Mat< T >Matrix of primitive numeric values
MoHexEngineHtp engine for MoHex
MoHexPlayerPlayer using UCT to generate moves
MoveA (HexColor, HexPoint) pair
PackableConcept< T >Class supports Pack(), Unpack(), and PackedSize()
PatternPatterns on a Hex board
PatternHitInstance of a pattern matching a subset of the board
PatternMatcherDataData used for pattern matching
PatternRingGodelStandard RingGodel with an added mask to use when checking if two RingGodels match
PatternStateTracks pattern state info on a board
PerfectPlayerPlayer using Solver to generate moves
PlayAndSolveRuns a player's genmove() and dfpn search in parallel
Pool< T >Pool of pre-allocated memory
benzene_bitset< _Nb >::referenceThis encapsulates the concept of a single bit
ResistanceBoard evaluation based on circuit flow
RingGodelBase Ring godel class
RotatableConcept< T >Class is rotatable by calling Rotate()
RotatedPatternA (pattern, angle) pair
SafeBool< T >Implements the Save Bool Idiom
ListNode< T >::ScopedLock
SearchedStateState that has been search with Alpha-Beta
SolverDB< HASH, DB, DATA >Combines a hash table and a position database
StateDB< T >Database of hex positions handling rotations
StateDBStateConcept< T >Concept of a state in a HashDB
StateMap< T >Map of positions; handles rotations
StateSetSet of positions; handles rotations
TransTable< T >::Statistics
StateDB< T >::Statistics
PatternState::StatisticsPattern checking statistics
HexAbSearch::StatisticsSearch statistics
StoneBoardTracks played stone information
Logger::ThreadBufferBuffer for a thread of execution
TransTable< T >Transposition table
TransTableStateConcept< T >Concept of a state in a transposition table
TwoDistanceTwoDistance Evaluation Function
UnionFind< S >General union/find implementation
VariationInfoVaraition TT entry
VCVirtual Connection
VCBuilderBuilds the Virtual Connections (VCs) between groups of stones a single color
VCBuilderParamSettings for VCBuilder
VCBuilderStatisticsStatistics for the last call to Build()
VCCommandsCommands for building/inspecting virtual connections
VCListSorted list of VCs
VCPatternPrecomputed pattern specifying a virtual connection/ladder
VCSetStores the connections for a board and color
VCSetStatisticsInfo on the set of connections
Vec< T >Vector of primitive numeric values
VulPreCheckChecks book before search
WolveEngineHtp engine for Wolve
WolvePlayerPlayer using HexAbSearch to generate moves
WolveSearchPerforms an AlphaBeta search using Resistance for evaluations
BookBuilder< PLAYER >::WorkerCopyable worker
VCBuilder::WorkQueueQueue of endpoint pairs that need processing
ZobristHashZobrist Hashing

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