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Depth-First Proof Number Search

Hex Solver Using DFPN. More...


struct  DfpnBounds
 Bounds used in Dfpn search. More...
class  DfpnChildren
 Children of a dfpn state. More...
class  DfpnData
 State in hashtable. More...
class  DfpnHistory
 History of moves played from root state to current state. More...
class  DfpnListener
 Interface for listeners of DfpnSolver. More...
class  DfpnDB
 Database of solved positions. More...
class  DfpnSolver
 Hex solver using DFPN search. More...


typedef SgStatisticsExt< float,
std::size_t > 
 Statistics tracker used in dfpn search.
typedef unsigned DfpnBoundType
 Type used for bounds.
typedef TransTable< DfpnDataDfpnHashTable
 Hashtable used in dfpn search.
typedef SolverDB
< DfpnHashTable, DfpnDB,
 Combines a hashtable with a position db.

Detailed Description

Hex Solver Using DFPN.

Based on [reference Martin & Kishi's paper].

Dfpn Progress Indication

It is difficult to present the user with meaningful progress indication in dfpn.

The current method simply displays the current (phi, delta) bounds of each child of the root. This is output whenever a child's bound changes. This is reasonably useful, except in the case where only a single child remains and the search is stuck several ply deep.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned DfpnBoundType

Type used for bounds.

Definition at line 46 of file DfpnSolver.hpp.

Hashtable used in dfpn search.

Definition at line 395 of file DfpnSolver.hpp.

Combines a hashtable with a position db.

Definition at line 413 of file DfpnSolver.hpp.

typedef SgStatisticsExt<float, std::size_t> DfpnStatistics

Statistics tracker used in dfpn search.

Definition at line 39 of file DfpnSolver.hpp.

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