Benzene is a collection of C++ libraries for developing software for the game of Hex. It includes two Hex players using classic Alpha-Beta and Monte-Carlo tree search. The initial version of the code was released by the Computer Hex Group at the University of Alberta. It is dependent on the Fuego libraries for its implementation of Monte-Carlo tree search. Benzene is available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.




Bug reports

Please report bugs in the release and development versions of Benzene to the benzene-devel mailing list, or submit a ticket to the Benzene trac bug tracking system.

Tournament results

Our Hex AIs have claimed both the gold and silver medals in each of the last four olympiads.

Event Year Program Place
16th Computer Olympiad 2011 MoHex 1
Wolve 2
15th Computer Olympiad 2010 MoHex 1
Wolve 2
14th Computer Olympiad 2009 MoHex 1
Wolve 2
13th Computer Olympiad 2008 Wolve 1
MoHex 2

Online Competitions

We hope to soon make our players available on LittleGolem.
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